Our Journey to Calayan Island: Day 1

Tired, exhausted and very hungry, we would eat anything served to us. The problem is we did not know where to eat, Calayan does not have a restaurant not even acarinderia. When we got to Ate Connie’s place, she welcomed us told us to relax for a while and asked us if we would like her to serve the lunch she prepared for us. Of course we said yes and thanked her profusely. It was such a relief that we did not have to eat food from a can or bread from a bakery.

She then asked us if seafood would be okay. A few minutes later we were surprised and can only stare at each other in disbelief! Lobsters, fish, and a humungous crab smiled from our table as if to say Welcome to Calayan!


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Confessions of a first time climber: Mount Pulag edition

I am not a mountaineer. This climb to Mount Pulag was the first major climb I have ever done. These are the things I wish I had read about before the climb.


The beautiful brown rolling hills!

When we booked the climb, we were more apprehensive of the cold than of the actual climb itself. We enjoy walking, we can walk for hours and hours on end. On our travels, we prefer to walk. Occasionally we climb hills to get to the highest peak where you can take pictures from a bird’s point of view, we have tried to climb rocky and steep hills. Those combined we figured the three hour walk to the camp site would not be too harsh. I have also seen pictures of the climb. What those brown rolling hills? That doesn’t look like a hard climb, does it? Or have I not read enough and just skimmed the blogs I read? (I admit I just looked at the photos!) Continue reading

Calayan: The Journey

The journey to Calayan is long and arduous, but very scenic.

sunrise at San Vicente Pier

Ours took almost 24 hours! But we were treated to a beautiful sunrise in San Vicente Pier, the lush scenery of Sta Ana, Cagayan, we were able to see – from a distance – Cape Engano in Palaui, the beautiful island of Camiguin and of course we were treated to dolphin sightings. Continue reading

As it happen: Siargao Accommodation

Just arrived in Siargao island. We left Socorro at 6am. Arrived here at 7am.

We went to Cloud 9 to look for accommodation that would fit our budget.

We are currently staying at Point 303 Resort. Their normal rate is P750 a night for a fan room. We were able to get it at a discounted price of P500 since we’d be staying for three nights.

The price isn’t bad for a place with a swimming pool, a restaurant, huge rooms with bath and most of all free wifi!

So far, we’ve only tried the ripe mango shake (P60) from their restaurant and it was really good! I’ve seen their menu and they have affordable prices. Ranging from P100-200.

On the Lampitaw: From Calayan Island to Claveria

May 3, 2012.

Big trash bags, check.

Bonamine, check.

Rubber ducky, check.

Lots of willpower and courage, umm will work on it while on it.

Everything is set.

leaving Calayan Island

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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Pride in the Past

Tucked in the small town of Bagac, Bataan is a very unique art collection of Mr. Jerry Acuzar, a businessman and a history art collector.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a heritage resort sprawled on a 400-hectare property between Bagac Bay and the mountain ranges of Mariveles.

The resort features a collection of old Spanish Colonial houses built from as early as 1780. The houses were carefully and meticulously transplanted from their original location and restored to their former glory and beauty.

Last July 2, 2012 we visited the place for an overnight stay.  There we felt as if we were at a Noli Me Tangere setting, like we were in the world of the 1800’s. Continue reading

Going to Romblon

Our flight to Romblon was originally scheduled to leave at 6am. We woke up early. By 430am we were already in a cab. At the airport we were informed that the flight would be delayed and it will leave at 8a, but the plane took off around 830am. We arrived at Tugdan Airport at 930am.

view of Cathedral of St. Joseph from the Freedom Park

Our original plan was to catch a public jeep to San Agustin and catch the first ferry at 10am to Romblon, Romblon. Since we arrived later than expected,  our next option is to catch the second (which is also the last) ferry to Romblon at 1pm. Continue reading